Little Gypsy Grifters

So have you seen “The Sting”? This is nothing like that. But we DID pull a grift! Sara clued me in a while ago to the fact that you could take half used/almost empty grungy old products to Sephora and return them for a FULL REFUND. Like, it doesn’t matter how old or how gross they have gotten, it doesn’t matter if you lost the receipt, it doesn’t matter if you DIDN’T EVEN BUY IT AT SEPHORA, they will take it back, as long as they still stock it, no questions asked. But I’m basically a baby and this all seemed a little ~morally suspect~to me, although my sister assured me over and over that it was company policy and that it would be totally fine. The point was, I wasn’t just going to show up and do it on my own because I was afraid of God knows what, getting in trouble? Going to Sephora prison? Detention? Anyways, I waited until Sara came home for break so she could go and make the returns for me. A Sephora returns taste tester, if you will, because I am a coward. I rounded some stuff up at random, including Make Up Forever HD powder that I had bought 5 YEARS AGO, and we were off to Sephora. All of this stuff was totally rando, some Fresh perfume Sara insits smells like onions, fancy lipchap from my friends mom, eyeshadows I never use, and it took literally 15 minutes for the returns to go through in a Sephora with literally 200 manic holiday shoppers milling around and rubbing bronzer on eachother’s faces. Anyways, we were not expecting it, but when all was said and done, all of our crusty old products were accepted essentially no questions asked,

Oh My Gawww

and we got back ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS. I could not possibly expect this. No doubt the Sephora girls were PISSED at these two little door knocker wearing hussies who came in with a pile of dusty eyeshadow and left with a giftcard for millionaires. More on what we bought soon but here is a picture of us with some of our purchases conveying our SHOCK at the trick we pulled. I guess it’s all perfectly legit but how can that beeeeeeeeeeeee?

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