Sara’s New Years Beauty Resolutions

Every year I basically have the same exact resolutions: be a kind and reliable human being, and to grow my butt like a Kardashian. But this year, I’m looking to be on that healthy beauty flow! As a wise friend once tweeted, “If I don’t take care of my skin, who will?”

You know I’m always here to talk if you need me.

Beauty Resolutions

1.) I will remove all make-up and wash and moisturize my face properly before going to bed

Waking up with mascara on your cheeks is for hangovers, not Wednesdays. I solemnly swear to use Josie Maran Bear Naked wipes and shuffle across the hall to scrub up with my massive bottle of Cetaphil, every night, no matter how sleepy.

2.) I will not leave the house in just foundation, I will apply bronzer and blush

Because it makes you look pale and like a 13-year-old girl who hasn’t discovers beauty blogs yet. Also, I will apply illuminizer which is my new ish.

3.) I will take vitamins for shiny hair and strong nails 

Like Biotin! I’m also looking for the right hair growing/strengthening system so I can realize my dream of Taylor Swift Mermaid Hair.

4) I will learn to thread and do semi-profesh looking manis

This is not only to save me $20 a week, but also perhaps to make some $$$s, even though the joy I get from doing other peoples’ brows is literally priceless. Something for the resume!

Diet and exercise are for chumps!!! Let the squats in front of “Love and Hip Hop” and excessive nail grooming begin!

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